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Image by Kseniya Lapteva



Hi I'm Sheree

I'm the founder and friendly legal extraordinaire at Lush Legal.

Our aim is not to be the biggest law firm, just a really good law firm – one that you would happily recommend to your family and friends.


At Lush Legal, we specialise in buying and selling residential property as well as helping you with your estate planning needs. We understand that these can both be daunting and overwhelming processes, but we don’t want it to be that way.


At Lush Legal, we see us working with you in partnership, that is both working towards a common goal. We want you to feel informed, in control and empowered when we assist you. 

My husband and I have been locals our entire lives and you will probably find us eating out at one of the great local cafes on the weekend or even at swimming lessons with our daughters. We are also property enthusiasts - so much so that we have built our businesses and our lives around it.


I have a broad range of knowledge having worked locally as a Solicitor as well as a HR Consultant for many years. But what I also bring is my own personal experiences with buying and selling properties – the good, the bad and the ugly. This is what drives us to make your transaction a memorable one – for all the good reasons!


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